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Year of the Dragon... Year of the book sale!

To honor the Year of the Dragon, each month one of the novels in The Cambion Rider Chronicles series will be available for purchase at a discounted price. May is BURN month. Pick up the 2nd novel in the series for 25% off both ebook and paperback.

Discounted paperback are only available at my only bookstore. Discounted ebooks and regular priced paperback are available at most online booksellers.



































The short stories in the Cambion Rider Chronicles series are still available for free in their ebook format! Download them and read them on your favorite ebook reader.





What's next?

I am currently writing the first draft of the next Cambion Rider Chronicles novel. I also have another short story in the Moon and Magic Presents: Tales of Amina and Vilhelm Series coming out in the Summer of 2024. More to come and as always... Happy Reading!

Front Cover.png

A packless werewolf walks into a bar… it's not the opening to a bad joke, but when Amina is found on the side of the road covered in someone else's blood, her life turns into one.

Pursuing a serial killer becomes a life altering experience for Detective Veronica Sykes when it leads to the revelation of her cambion bloodline and plunges her into the world of dragons and demons.

After the Flesh Cover.png
Burn Cover.png

Dragons and cambions do not mingle, they certainly should never mate. As Lachlan and Veronica’s bond deepens, it manifests with uniquely dire consequences.

Parleying with an ancient dragon comes with strings attached, and a ruthlessly grim psychological cost, that alters the lives of Veronica and Lachlan.

The Cambion Rider ChroniclesSeries

Moon & MagicSeries

...and in other news

Siren Cover.png

Read the short story that kicks off the Cambion Rider Chronicle series.

Demon Hunt Cover.png

My name is Lachlan Brynmor. I am a dragon. I hunt demons.

TT Cover.png

Veronica's and Lachlan's last night together in Chicago is interrupted by a friend's desperate plea to save a gargoyle's life.


Can Veronica survive a carnival which changes Lachlan into something she barely recognizes?


Veronica and Lachlan embark on a journey that will test their courage and challenge their instincts.

From Platinum Dragon Publishing:

The Cambion Rider Chronicles Series

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Moon & Magic Series

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Enjoy your visit and happy reading!!

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