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New news!

Need to Destroy

Ms Price's most recent completed novel, Need to Destroy, is making the rounds in search of an agent. With that in mind, Ms. Price continues to target a fall/early winter 2023 release date. But take heart, an early preview of chapter 1 is set for this spring, with chapter 2 following in the summer.

Logline: A packless werewolf walks into a bar... it's not the opening of a bad joke, but when I awoke in a hospital covered in someone else's blood, my life turned into one.


Shadow Magnet, the working title for Ms. Price's current work in progress, is in the early unfolding stages. The premise centers around Egyptian mythology, and brings into play the old gods they're in, scions, daemons, bennus and a host of other fun characters. She's also trying out a new writing style and is looking forward to sharing this with her readers. Her goal is a 2024 release, but stay tuned and let's see how things shake out.


The Cambion Rider Chronicles, book 4

For those readers who found Ms. Price through her Cambion Rider Chronicles series...

  • First, and foremost, thank you! Ms. Price truly values your support.

  • Second, thank you for hanging in there during the wait, while the muse pulls her in a different direction. Both Need to Destroy and Shadow Magnet were and are, respectively, novels that have been trying to make the jump from her imagination and partial outlines to complete works since 2020 and 2019, again, respectively. Ms. Price hopes that both will be worth the wait, and that her readers who enjoy Veronica and Lachlan, will also fall in love with her new characters as well.

  • Third, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, albeit it's a fairly long tunnel. Upon completion of Shadow Magnet, Ms. Price will be launching into book 4, currently titled Dead Souls. Currently targeted for 2024 / 2025.

Asking for a friend

The new section, Asking for a friend will go live 1/6/23 (look for the link at the top of the banner). As Ms. Price mentioned in her December 2022 newsletter, Asking for a friend provides readers the ability to ask Ms. Price direct questions. These questions can be personal (about her writing style/process) or questions on writing in general. If you have a question to submit, please fill out the contact card with Asking for a Friend in the subject line. Make sure you let her know if you want to be named. The style will be first name last initial.

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Enjoy your visit and happy reading!!

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