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New news!

Razed the debut novel for the Moon and Magic Series!

The debut novel for the Moon and Magic Series in coming to e-bookstores in late 2023 will be available for download or in print edition. Razed introduces a new set of characters in a world crafted by Ms. Price in her Cambion Rider Chronicle series.


A packless werewolf walks into a bar... it's not the opening of a bad joke, but when Amina awoke in a hospital covered in someone else's blood, her life turned into one.

Book blurb: 

Of all the things I imaged going wrong at my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding, me turning into a werewolf was not on the list. Changing against my will should have been the worst thing to happen that night. Being found on the side of the road, covered in someone else’s blood, with no memory of what happened? That was worse. I don’t remember what happened, and if my wolf knows she’s not telling.


Worse goes to horrific when that same boyfriend, Beto, discovers murdered members of my mother’s pack the following night. This might be revenge for whatever I did, because someone or something is out for werewolf’s blood and they're targeting Chicago's pack. I should not get involved. It’s not my pack, but I can’t do nothing. I’m not wired that way. 


While my life continues to spiral out of control,  I bring Beto deeper into my werewolf world of teeth and claws. A world that’s deadly for humans.


Meet Amina and Beto in Abashed, the prelude to Razed. Abashed will be one of the stories in Write Volume's 9th anthology. Release date it TBD.

What's next?

Check back next month for the cover release of Razed. Until then... Happy Reading!

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Enjoy your visit and happy reading!!

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