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Hellz yeah Halloween!!

Halloween is coming, that means it's October... or it's October which means Halloween is coming. Regardless of how it's sliced, one thing is for certain... the return of All Hallow's Eve means it's time for the digital copies of After the Flesh, Burn and Came Back Haunted to be available at a discounted price of $4.99.


If physical copies are more your jam, fear not, you can purchase a signed paperback copy for $10 (+4.95 for shipping) directly from Fannie for a limited time (October only) and while supplies last. Click the contact link above and complete the form, or click Let's Chat to learn how.

New Releases

Fannie's newest short story interlude, The Pines, will be available in the anthology, Shades of Fantastic Horror. Currently available for pre-order on Amazon, this anthology will be released on October 23rd only on Amazon. The events of The Pines takes place after the short story interlude, Carnival of the Lost, and before the events of Came Back Haunted.

In November the short story interlude, Carnival of the Lost will join the other interludes and preludes of the series and become available as a stand alone. Originally published last October in the Shades of Horrific Horror anthology, Carnival of the Lost takes place between Burn and Came Back Haunted.

In the Pipeline

Fannie's current work in process (WIP) is Need to Destroy, the debut novel of a new (yet to be titled) werewolf and witchcraft series. Stay tuned for a tease of the first chapter some time in November.

Need to Destroy's logline: A packless werewolf walks into a bar... it's not the opening of a bad joke, but when I awoke in a hospital covered in someone else's blood, my life turned into one.

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Past Updates


Everyone loves free stuff. Now it's easier to get!

Fannie Price has partnered with bookfunnel.com to provide a new way to download chapter 1 of The Cambion Rider Chronicles novels and the companion short story preludes / interludes. It's as easy as navigating to the freebie page, click on the novel/short story you want to read, and click Get My Book. Available in .epub .mobi or .pdf, download the version that fits your reading lifestyle.

Upcoming Promos!

In August, After the Flesh will be available for $2 off the ebook price of $6.99. Subscribe and make sure you don't miss this and other promotions!

June Triple Trilogy Giveaway 

Yep! You read that correctly. If you've been contemplating starting The Cambion Rider Chronicles, but aren't certain about investing your precious time (and maybe hard earned money) in a series by an unknown author, now is the time to exhale and take the plunge.

Fannie is hosting a giveaway of the 3 novels in the series, After the Flesh, Burn, and Came Back Haunted. The 3-novel bundle will be provided in either ebook format (mobi, epub, or pdf) or physical copies (winner's choice).

Quick Tease Shades of Horrific Humor - Carnival of the Lost 

Write Volumes is at it again! Check out the quick tease trailer for their Shades of Horrific Humor Anthology featuring Fannie's short story Carnival of the lost.

"Participating in a rite of passage for mated riders and their dragons, Veronica and Lachlan step out of their reality and into a world of kittens and lost sheep where guilty pleasures have dangerous consequences."

Carnival of the Lost is the fourth installment in Fannie's prelude/interlude short stories that give her readers a peek inside the world of The Cambion Rider Chronicles between the novels. CotL takes place after the events of Burn, Book #2 in the series.

Black History Month Sale! 

In celebration of Black History Month, we are offering all three full length novels at half price for the month of February. Now through February 28th, digital downloads of After the Flesh, Burn and Came Back Haunted will be available at most online booksellers for $3.49. Click on the title of each and follow the link to your favorite online bookstore.

The Pushcart Prize Nominee! 

Carnival of the Lost, which debuted October in the anthology, Shades of Horrific Humor  has been nominated for the 2021 Pushcart Prize. Carnival of the Lost (The Cambion Rider Chronicles, Book #2.5) is and interlude short story taking place after the events of Burn. The story follows Veronica and Lachlan as they embark on a ritual that every mated dragon and rider must experience. Download a digital copy of the Shades of Horrific Humor from Amazon and enjoy this and five other horrifically humorous stories.

Not sure you want to commit to a full length novel? The Cambion Rider Chronicles has 3 short stories available for free, preludes Sirens and Demon Hunt, and interlude Tonight, Tonight first featured in the anthology Shades of Chicago. Download digital copies here or click the titles to download from your favorite book seller.

Came Back Haunted, the third novel in the Cambion Rider Chronicles, takes Veronica, Lachlan and the other dragons to the island of Trinidad for a parlay with the ancient and legendary Swain. Getting there is easy, leaving... not so much. Click here to purchase a digital download or paperback copy from your favorite book seller.


On September 25th Fannie's short story Carnival of the Lost will be available for pre-order in the Anthology Shades of Horrific Humor. This Anthology will be available on Amazon for digital download on Kindle or Kindle compatible devices on October 10th. 

As part of the Cambion Rider Chronicle series, Carnival of the Lost is a short story interlude taking place between Burn and Came Back HauntedParticipating in a rite of passage for mated riders and their dragons, Veronica and Lachlan step out of their reality and into a world of kittens and lost sheep where guilty pleasures have dangerous consequences.

Audio recording of After the Flesh, have been paused for the summer. Once the heat and humidity become more forgiving, recordings will resume.


Came Back Haunted, the 3rd installment of the Cambion Rider Chronicles series is due to be released in digital and paperback formate October 26, 2021. In celebration of the release, digital copies of After the Flesh and Burn will be available for $0.99 from most online retailers. The promotion begins August 18, 2021 and runs through August 29, 2021.

Audio recording continues with After the Flesh, but has slowed down during the Chicago summer months. Once the heat and humidity become more forgiving, recordings will resume.

A video will be posted later this month to update readers on what Fannie's been up to the past couple of months.


And so it goes. The recording of the audiobook continues. So far, she has eight chapters in the bag. It's a slow process, but also fun and a great way to learn this aspect of the writing business. It's also a very slow process, but hopefully it will be worth it. 


WHAT'S A... We have begun to unveil the what's a dragon rider trifecta. First up, Thunderbird. The video is out and can be video on the blog or by checking out the What's A...? page. And while you're there, catch up on any of the updated supernatural creatures you've missed.

Looking for something to read while waiting out the rest of winter and counting down the days for your vaccine? Click here to boogie on over to Amazon and download your digital copy of Shades of Chicago. It features the short story Tonight, Tonight.

In Tonight, Tonight, Veronica and Lachlan’s last night together in Chicago is interrupted by a friend’s desperate plea to save a gargoyle’s life.


WHAT'S A... As a build up to the 3 part What's a Dragon Rider videos, What's a Cambion video will be released in March.

Enjoy your visit and happy reading!!