NEW In January!


Hello and Happy New Year! Fannie is working on a cascade of new endeavors for the start of 2021. Check out her blog post "Time for an update" to find out what the new year has in store for The Cambion Rider Chronicle.


WHAT'S A... Fae in January or February

 NEW In December!


Fannie participated in Write Volumes One Question author panel discussion. The current question: How do you decide the gender of your characters? Tune in to listen to the thoughts of Matthew Vargo, Michael Dunbar, and of course, Fannie Price.

Fannie has finished the first draft of the third installment of her Cambion Rider series with Came Back Haunted. Emphasis on first draft. Stay posted for release information in the distant future.

NEW In August!


Fannie participated in Write Volumes One Question author panel discussion. The current question: Are the physical descriptions of characters necessary for an engaging story? Tune in to listen to the thoughts of Lin Bo, Matthew Vargo, Michael Dunbar, and of course, Fannie Price.


WHAT'S A... Dragon! Coming the week of August 23th



NEW In June!


NEW RELEASE: We are going a bit off book (pun intended) this month. Our June news is to tout the release of something I feel very passionate about... the launch of the second anthology in the Shades Of series! Book #2 Shades of Transition and Transformation.  


While I have not personally contributed to the anthology, you will find a collection of stories explores moments of transitions, times when realization dawns or paths diverge. Instances when there is movement, forward or backwards. Transitions is the language of the heart and mind. It colors our perceptions and emotions from humorous to tragic, from inspirational to cathartic, from revelational to questioning. Pick up a digital copy here.

NEW In April!


NEW RELEASE: BURN, book #2 of The Cambion Rider Chronicles will be available in paperback or digital download on April 21st. Read the first two chapters for free here.


Want to be a beta reader? I'm looking for a few people willing to pre-read a copy of Burn. Readers will receive a free digital copy of the novel before it's release April 21st. What's the catch? Readers must being willing to provide a review on Amazon, B&N, all the faves. If you're interested, leave a note in Comments section or use the Contacts tab to drop me a note.



03|14|20 - "What's A..." updated with Sirens and the first Between the Books 1.1 Vermillion is up and ready for public consumption. I'd love to know what you think about it so feel free to leave a note in the Comments section.


03|22|20 - I will be celebrating my birth month by making Siren available as a stand-alone download. Currently available as a part of the chilling anthology Shades of Horror and Strangeness (the story of teeth falling out is truly a riveting tale), Sirens focuses on the relationship of cousins Veronica Sykes and Sigmund Greer, and what lines are willing to be crossed for the sake of saving a loved one.

03|31|20 - Chapter 1 of Burn will be available in the excerpt section.

NEW In February!


02|01|20 - Royalties from Demon Hunts continue to be donated to the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago. Granted they have not produced as much as I hoped, but still, every $0.99 helps.

02|13|20 - I'll be participating in one of the ten minute slots for Gumbo Fiction Salon at Galway Arms 2442 N Clark. Readings begin at 7P and go until 10P. I'll be reading from After the Flesh.

02|29|20 - Finally! The arrival of the first Between the Books for The Cambion Rider Chronicles will be released.

"What's A..." my bi-monthly posts meant to expand readers knowledge of urban fantasy creatures as they relate to TCRC universe, continues with sirens and dragons. Subscribe to the site and never miss an updates!

Enjoy your visit and happy reading!!

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