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Asking for a Friend - Writing Scared

Does your writing ever scare you?
Elias S.

Hi Elias,

That's an interesting question. The simple answer is no, but there is a however, and it could be argued it's a significant one. My writing for the most part doesn't scare me, but there are aspects, or more directly subject matter that does cause me to be more aware. Yes, I'm talk specifically about the demons in my Cambion Rider Chronicles series.

Vampires and werewolves don't exist. It could be argued that dragons on some level exists... Komodo Dragons are real, but I've never seen or heard of one large enough to ride, and definitely none that can change into a human guise (unless they are having some series after hours parties at reserves and zoos). Don't get me wrong, what an interesting world we would find ourselves in if the supernatural was real (depending on which form of the lore those entities embody), but since there is no chance of running across a werewolf, there's no fear of them.

Demons are different.

Around the time I started writing Burn, my mother asked me to stop at a religious bookstore while I was downtown and pick up several prayer cards she wanted to give out for Christmas. While I was there, I grabbed a card for St. Michael for myself.

For those unfamiliar with St. Michael, he is the archangel that defeated Lucifer, a former archangel turned prince of Hell.

In recent years, my faith is something I've been and continue to struggle with for various reasons that I won't go into here. But it leads to the question of do I believe in demons and honestly... I'm not sure.

On one hand, it would be convenient to blame the atrocities that have become increasingly prevalent in our world on an almost daily aspect on demon, or as I detailed in After the Flesh, humans that are either possessed or influenced but demons. Sadly, people can be horrible to each other under no other influence than their own. And yet, I find myself hesitant to discredit the existence of demons full stop. Maybe it's my catholic upbringing. Maybe I don't want to disclaim them under the fear they'll will provoke them into proving their existence.

I suppose a part of me believes that while there are evil people, there is also a deeper supernatural true evil. Nature, when left alone, seeks out its own balance. We see first hand what happens in areas of the world where the natural predators of prey species are eradicated. If true evil exists, that means there has to be true goodness in some form as well on this planet. And that is something I very much want to believe in.

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