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Holy increased sales, Batman!

Periodically... at least once a week... *cough* daily *cough* I run a report to see how sales are going on my short stories and novels. Keep in mind, my usage of the term "sales" also encompass downloads of my free short stories. For the past several months I average 1 or 2 sales a week give or take.

Along comes June and July were things slowed down considerably... 1 in June and 2 in July. So imagine my surprise when I pulled my report last night and saw 80 "sales" for Siren?! That has jumped to 155 today! I learned several months ago, free books/short stories are sometimes downloaded by people learning a foreign language as an affordable way to help their skills. I have no idea if that's what has happening here but I truly appreciate the support.

Since the short story is free I am not collecting any royalties, but knowing that my short story is really getting out there (while simultaneously hoping this is nothing nefarious) really has made my day.

Another side effect? On Amazon, Sirens is currently:



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