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Something on the horizon

Whew... what a year! We made it, well almost. 2020 has been a test. No one can say that we don't live in interesting times, though I sometimes wonder if they need to be this interesting.

Let me apologize for my prolonged silence. I have spent the past couple... three, four months scribbling out the last bits of Came Back Haunted, the third book in The Cambion Rider series and let me tell you this one was more of a challenge. I tested Veronica and Lachlan, (mostly Veronica) in different ways that made it harder to write, because I wanted to get it right. I originally planned to be finished with the novel by the end of September... hey at least I hit a month with ....ber at the end.

Did I get it right? Not sure. I'm letting it sit for a week or two and will come back and read it again and see if it stands. Then of course it has to make the rounds of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and if necessary 5th drafts. I'm in for some rewrites, but that's part of the fun. Now that it's out I can sift through the pages to see what stays, what needs to be added, altered, or tossed all together, and of course it'll get scrubbed with my writing group. Their opinion is truly valued.

Something else I am planning to attempt... audio books. As in converting After the Flesh to an audio book. As in reading it myself. I am being encouraged I have the voice for audio books, (although I whole heartedly disagree) but one point that sticks is I will be able to read it with the inflections as I mean them to sound. I have some researching to do... I also have to clear out my closet potentially to use as a sound studio.

Until next time, happy reading!

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