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The One...? Possibly, Maybe.

Marketing has never been my strong suit. I freely admit, as talented as I am in creating snappy dialogue and relatable supernatural characters, marketing my writings is my shortest of shortcomings. Heck, I'll go as far as to say I'm completely untalented at marketing.

It's why I'm so excited to have taken the plunge to work with Book Funnel. It's been around for a while, and comes highly recommended on many writing blogs and sites, but for whatever reason *cough* procrastination *cough* I never took the plunge. Until now.

August, will mark my first participation in promos with authors who write in the same genre as myself. It's oddly exhilarating. While I don't quite subscribe to Groucho Marx's philosophy, I've never been much of a joiner. I blame my introverted nature, it's one of the reasons I love writing. Writing something I can do (for the most part) all by my onesies. But I digress.

TL;DR: Keep a weathered eye out. In August I'll be posting links to some promos where After the Flesh will be available for $2 off the ebook price. ;-)

Happy reading, y'all!

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