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Fannie's Triple Trilogy Giveaway

June Triple Trilogy Giveaway

Yep! You read that correctly. If you've been contemplating starting The Cambion Rider Chronicles, but aren't certain about investing your precious time (and maybe hard earned money) in a series by an unknown author, now is the time to exhale and take the plunge.

Fannie is hosting a giveaway of the 3 novels in the series, After the Flesh, Burn, and Came Back Haunted. The 3-novel bundle will be provided in either ebook format (mobi, epub, or pdf) or physical copies (winner's choice).

3 winners will be selected on June 18th (just in time for some holiday reading)!!

How to enter:

Fill out the Contact card with the subject: June Giveaway


DM Fannie's Twitter account @jfannieprice

Good luck and happy reading!!

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