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Cambion Rider Chronicles Series / Novels

After the Flesh
The Cambion Rider Chronicles, Book 1

Print ISBN-13: 978-1393063193


Pursuing a serial killer becomes a life altering experience for Detective Veronica Sykes when it leads to the revelation of her cambion bloodline and plunges her into the world of dragons and demons. 


Demons are real. The revelation tilts the world of Chicago's homicide detective, Veronica Sykes. Learning she is a cambion, demon born, knocks it right off its axis. Things go from bad to sideways when the demon she pursues turns the tables on her.


With the help of Lachlan, a dragon liaison with the Predator Crime Unit, she uncovers the demon’s purpose… break his master out of hell. To stop the demon, Veronica makes a bold move, but will her bravery force her into embracing her demon lineage or save her soul from the darkness within.

The Cambion Rider Chronicles, Book 2

Print ISBN-13: 978-1393720812


Dragons and cambions do not mingle, they certainly should never mate. As Lachlan and Veronica's bond deepens, it manifests with uniquely dire consequences.


A new city.

A new job.

A new brutal murder.


Cambion-dragon rider, Veronica Sykes, attempts to navigate the pitfalls of her new position as a Special Agent for the FBI's Predator Crime Unit, adjust to her expanding senses, and meet other dragons and riders. An already stressful situation turns toxic when her dragon, Lachlan Brynmor, is attacked and her demon lineage may be to blame.


Now, Veronica must expose the sadistic creature behind a rash of vicious murders, earn the trust of Lachlan's weary fellow dragons, and resist the seductive allure of her demonic blood.

Came Back Haunted
The Cambion Rider Chronicles, Book 3

Print ISBN-13: 979-8201813901

ASIN 9798201312244

Parleying with an ancient dragon comes with strings attached, and a ruthlessly grim psychological cost, that alters the lives of Veronica and Lachlan.


A group of young dragons and their riders enters the territory of an ancient dragon uninvited… It sounds like the set up to a bad joke, or a fable decrying foolish behavior. Nevertheless, newly appointed chieftains of their dragon colony, Lachlan Brynmor and Veronica Sykes, are willing to take that risk, if it means Veronica will learn to harness and control her demonic abilities.


Upon arriving into Swain's territory, the elder dragon makes them an offer: he will take Veronica under his wing, if the colony agrees to find Tarik. A djinn, and the only son of Swain's favorite concubine. Once the bargain is struck, the young colony become entangled in a web of deceit, secrets, and betrayal. Soon, Veronica and Lachlan learn things are more duplicitous than they initially appeared, and the true cost of Swain's tutelage comes with a treacherous price tag.

Cambion Rider Chronicles Series / Short Story Preludes

The Cambion Rider Chronicles, Prelude 1

Needing to save her cousin, Sigmund Greer, from a siren’s deadly poison, Veronica ‘Roni’ Sykes, must go outside the law and track the creature to its lair in the city of Chicago.

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Demon Hunt
The Cambion Rider Chronicles, Prelude 2

ISBN-13: 9781393931270

My name is Lachlan Brynmor. I am a dragon. I hunt demons.


Summertime in Chicago. The city plays host to concerts, food festivals… and murder. When the FBI's Predator Crime Unit liaison, Lachlan Brynmor arrives in the city, he thinks he has found the one responsible for the body count. A demon who has assumed the identity of Chicago Police Detective, Veronica Sykes.

However, the longer he watches her, the more uncertain he becomes of her guilt. With time running out, Lachlan must determine if Veronica is the demon... or the demon's next victim.

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Cambion Rider Chronicles Series / Short Story Interludes

Tonight, Tonight
The Cambion Rider Chronicles, Interlude 1

ISBN-13: 9798201843403

Veronica's and Lachlan's last night together in Chicago is interrupted by a friend's desperate plea to save a gargoyle's life.


Tonight, Tonight is an interlude story in the Cambion Rider Chronicles universe, with events that take place after the events in book #1 After the Flesh, and before book #2, Burn.

Available for ebook purchase for $0.99

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Carnival of the Lost
The Cambion Rider Chronicles, Interlude 2

ISBN-13: 9798215151808

Can Veronica survive a carnival which changes Lachlan into something she barely recognizes?


Participating in a rite of passage for mated riders and their dragons, Veronica and Lachlan step out of their reality and into a world of kittens and lost sheep, where guilty pleasures have dangerous consequences.


Carnival of the Lost is an interlude short story in the Cambion Rider Chronicles universe, with events that take place after book #2 Burn, and before book #3, Came Back Haunted.

Available for ebook purchase for $0.99

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Moon & Magic Series / Novels

3d marketing.png
Moon & Magic, Book 1

Print ISBN-13: 979-8223300311

ASIN 9798223932291

A packless werewolf walks into a bar… it’s not the opening to a bad joke, but when Amina is found on the side of the road covered in someone else’s blood, her life turned into one.


In the supernatural world of Chicago, Amina never expected her friend's wedding to be the catalyst for a waking nightmare. After transforming into a werewolf against her will, she awakens roadside, drenched in unfamiliar blood, and with no recollection of the events that left her there. 

While she struggles to piece together the missing fragments of her memory, her boyfriend, Beto, makes a chilling discovery - the brutal murders of two members from her mother's pack. Soon it becomes apparent that a mysterious and deadly threat is targeting the city's werewolves, and Amina is next on the list. 

Caught in a whirlwind of chaos, with every move tainted by danger, Amina’s life begins to crumble around her. Desperate to help, Beto dives into her lethal world of fangs and claws. Together, they must uncover the truth behind the killings before it's too late. 


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Shades of Horror and Strangeness / Siren
The Cambion Rider Chronicles, Prelude 1


Don’t read this collection of short stories if you don’t enjoy screaming, jumping at every sound, trembling, or looking over your shoulder from now on. From bite size frights to longer bone chilling stories, with 15 different up and coming short story authors, Write Volumes is bringing the color back to horror. 

What could go wrong? From potentially world ending to life altering individual short stories, view the many shades of fear but don’t say we didn’t warn you. This is only for the strong of heart… and we can’t guarantee your heart won’t burst or break. Adults only and beware, the scare can be for real… and lasting.

CHICAGO Brown.png
Shades of Chicago / Tonight, Tonight
The Cambion Rider Chronicles, Interlude 1


Maybe you know it as Mud City. Maybe as the Windy City. Maybe you don’t know it at all.

This collection of short stories explores Chicago: the city, the myth, the borders, the legend, the infamous, the truth, the fiction. Past, present and future collide as we walk the Chicago streets wondering: Does a city have an identity, or is it only a landscape for us to project our fears and desires onto it?

What we create, what we believe, what we expect, and what we misunderstand can meld into a location and that place assumes the mantle of it like a sponge, or like a melting pot, or like a mirage.

Horrific Humor.png
Shades of Horrific Humor / Carnival of the Lost
The Cambion Rider Chronicles, Interlude 2


Want to be scared silly?

Find the brighter side of bad, the lighter side of horror, the terrible side of funny. With 6 individual short stories, Write Volumes is adding shades of humor into horror.From bite sized quakes to bone chilling shakes, these frightfully funny stories will have you chuckle as you hide under the covers with the lights on… but then worry about what may have heard you....

Adults beware, just because you laugh doesn’t mean you’re safe!

Screen Shot 2022-10-01 at 8.22.59 PM.png
Shades of Fantastic Horror / The Pines
The Cambion Rider Chronicles, Interlude 3


9 authors = 9 terror-rific stories: Ready to mix a little fantasy with your horror?

Let your imagination run wild but don’t be surprised if it starts screaming too. Nothing twists fantasy better than horror. In this dark fantasy horror collection, we’ll send you to another world screaming in terror or scare you with the magic in this one.

When an FBI agent and her dragon mate spend the night at a cozy inn, is all as quaint as it seems or is there a deadly secret?

Shades of Holiday Love / Abashed
Moon & Magic, Prelude 1


8 authors = 8 ways to season love

Nothing mixes together quite like a special day and a special someone. From a time of giving or thanking, to scaring or a new year, if you think holidays alone or with families can be tough, just add in some romance.

Tall, dark, handsome… human. For a werewolf, sometimes it’s not a good thing when a potential boyfriend checks all the boxes.

Shades of Occult Horror / Consequences
Moon & Magic Origins: Tales of Amina and Vilhelm, ep. 1


7 writers + 7 choices = 7 ways to hide & shriek

Peer into the dark corners then see what peers back. When the devil is in the details, it could be bizarre or supernatural!

Escaping hell becomes a matter of sacrifice or death that leaves Amina teetering on the brink of both deliverance and damnation.

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